Liverpool-born, singer-songwriter Simon Howard is set to release his brand new americana-folk-infused single ‘Not Like Superman’ across all major streaming platforms on the 20th of May.     

The singer’s delicate songwriting is encapsulated within his new offering that’s doused in folk and Americana sensibilities alongside effortless heart wrenching and smooth vocals. Simon’s influences range from the likes of Bob Dylan to Simon & Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen which finds no issues in taking shape through his music.     

With body-hitting drums and a powerful 8-piece string section, the song carries you through what feels like a Western showdown, staring into the eyes of anyone who has wronged you. It tells a tale of someone always trying to please others but never being good enough.

With a delicate and mediated approach to songwriting, the track is a testament to Simon’s blatant skills as a musician – skills that will undoubtedly serve him well into his career and reap further triumphs!

Check out Simon’s previous hit ‘Youth’s Ground’ here!

‘Not Like Superman’ comes after the release of his debut EP ‘Youth’s Ground’ where he spent a summer in Texas writing and gaining inspiration to then come back to the UK to record the four-track masterpiece. The EP had a lot of support from BBC Radio Merseyside’s Dave Monks.     

Connect with Simon Howard below and be sure to key a close eye for Not Like Superman on May 20th!

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