Michael Tinholme ‘I Don’t Want to Cry For You Anymore’ – Review

Singer, songwriter Michael Tinholme has recently released another incredible single, continuing his stream of singles that have been met with great acclaim. As an avid singer-songwriter, with each new offering, Michael expands on his talents showcasing a different element of himself to everyone. 

Carefully concocting his new single ‘I Don’t Want to Cry For You Anymore’ to include comparative elements of rock alongside musical vibes from the jazz scene, Tinholme surely demonstrates his talents across a great scale of musical genres.

The artist describes the song as derived from love and loss – “For me this song is for all those who carry the love and loss for someone. And we, who will never forget them.”

With this heartfelt motivation in mind, listeners can enjoy the single on another, more personal level, intensifying this image of nostalgia and grief that many people can relate to. 

Beginning subtly with the sounds of an old piano, the song continuously adds layer upon layer before coming to a crescendo with help from of Michael’s wonderful vocals. Every element that goes into this track fits and it all blends together beautifully. 

‘I Don’t Want to Cry For You’ Anymore  certainly is beautiful and sorrowful in equal measures… and it is out on all streaming platforms now.

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