Derayernah Predict End of World Whilst Casually Inventing a New Musical Genre

Glasgow-based duo, Derayernah might already be the big musical discovery of 2020. Like Black Midi before them, although it’s perfectly ok to spot the odd musical reference point in the music they’re creating, their real skills is so effortlessly tying it all together as a series of incredibly potent missiles and having so little regard as to the collateral damage. No wonder, despite the ‘actual’ release of their album at the end of last year, they have chosen to not promote until now, their cue being the imminent end of the world. Seems fair enough.

Not content with this, they have, perhaps accidentally or maybe through some fiendish plan, they have invented mumble rock – their lavishly Dadaist lyrics buried under not only swatches of angular melodies but also a strangely blurred delivery. It sounds peculiar…then engaging…then utterly beguiling…then you find out what they’re actually saying and the top flies off your head. To add to the maelstrom, they are releasing a brand-new single too, Siberian Scopes, a track which builds on their album In Joys and climbs even more magical peaks. Superb.



Spotify: [Album Link]


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