Italian House in the Middle of Canary Wharf

In the unlikely setting of the heart of London’s financial district, something strange is stirring. Above the clatter of keyboards, chinking champagne glasses and financial windfalls, there is the unmistakable sound of electronic beats and irresistible melodies. However, they are not coming from the hi-tech sound systems in Porches and Mercs, they are coming from one of the hottest talents in UK dance – Italian production maestro, Marco Dalla Villa.

With the requisite number of streams and views on Youtube and Spotify (you know, the ones where there are so many zeros you can’t work out what the number is) and a viral hit with the track, “I Drink and I Know Things”, an accidental nod to Game of Thrones which filled ears with as many drops, beats and basslines as humans can possibly handle. Now Marco is introducing Pisqui Biscuit, every bit as sweet as the title suggests and an earworm to tide you over until the Spring, whereupon you can expect to hear Italian EDM coming of age several thousand miles from home.






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