Vix20 – The UK’s Most Disaffected Band?

At one point, the duo who make up Vix20 – CJ and Gary – were part of the firmament of the UK music industry. Movers, shakers, button-pressers, influencers before there were influencers…those behind the scenes folks who make things happen. Unusually, they didn’t dig themselves even further into untouchable positions of power, they began to realise that every aspect of their lives was being stripped away, with money the tune everyone was dancing to, music left outside in the rain to get mouldy. Disaffected and resentful of the industry they once loved, they quit. For ten years they existed entirely different lives in different worlds away from charlatans before the desire to make music returned…but not all their bile has evaporated.

Having previously tickled the toes of success with bands of their own, Vix20 has traded their harder rock licks for a poppier sound, whilst still retaining an urgency and a healthy bite. Their first single encapsulates the Vix20 ethic – determinedly retro, from the imagery and references in their video through to the band name – Commodore’s premiere home entertainment system and the best-selling device of 1982 (5kb RAM!).

Their forthcoming release, a double A-Side of Hashtag Change and Me Gwanishi is more acerbic, a full-on kick in the balls to Donald Trump with some beautifully cut-up bon mots from the most powerful man in the universe. It’s a belter and well-worth looking out for – released on August 16th








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