Full Fat Feedback From Pink Milk

Having cleaned up over the course of their career in terms of garnering rave reviews from the great and the good in the world of music writing, Swedish duo, Pink Milk, are releasing the first single since their acclaimed debut album, Purple.

Though the single, Heart of Fire, is dubbed a ballad, there no need to assume that the pair have “gone soft” or taken a lullaby route. This is as heavy as they come, not just in the sense that the guitar feedback is as thick as tar but also that the elephantine pace feels like you’re being weighed down by those 100 tonne weights you see in cartoons.

Vocalist and drummer, Maria, has dedicated the track to her newly-born daughter, whose arrival dictated that their proposed SXSW appearance has been postponed for at least a year. Entirely in keeping with their secretive, unwieldy presence in the shadows, Heart of Fire bodes well for the strongly-rumoured new album later in the year.

“Gloomy and delicious in equal measure” Line of Best Fit

“Too loud, to the point of no return, burrowed beneath the sheer incessant noise is an almighty, fucked up pop song.” DIY

“A fluid, loose, almost drunken drawl that you can imagine playing in the background of one of those misty bar scenes in Twin Peaks” Wonderland

“Remarkable, striking work” Clash Magazine

“A Dazzling display of alternative rock music”GAFFA Magazine

“It sounds absolutely incredible!” Kerrang!



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