Why Music Fans Need to be Taking Flack

“Folk” has had exactly the same kind of re-branding “country” had a few years ago. No longer seen as fuddy-duddy or requiring someone to sing with their finger constantly plugged into one ear, folk has taken the notion of imbuing traditional songwriting and flung it into the stratosphere.

Emily Jean Flack takes her musical roots very seriously, relocating from Canada to Limerick in Ireland in order to complete a masters in traditional Irish musicology. She is blessed with one of those voices of such purity that it makes you wonder why other singers are even classed in the same bracket. Lending an unerring ethereal quality to woozy electronic keyboards and echoes of more familiar Irish folk sounds, it fits nicely into the wave of electro-folk which is permeating more and more into the mainstream.

Coming from the family of legendary Canadian folk musicians, Leahy, she has chosen to take her own path to find her audience, one which quite likely will consist not only of traditional folk fans but indie kids, pop music fans and with no obvious age demographic. Her latest EP, to be released in March, is to be titled Throwing Shapes (a nod to her passion for dancing) and is lead by the tracks, Another Year Gone By and Tread Softly.




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