The Call of the YLD

YLD is a project you’re going to be hearing a lot about and with good reason. The brainchild of Geoff Wilkinson, who has one of the 90s musical success stories, Us3 as part of his portfolio of production wizardry, YLD is an ever-shifting showcase of hugely talented singers who come from the worlds of session musicians, West End theatre and beyond – remember the names: Kelly Agbowu, Liisi LaFontaine, Liz Jai, Robin May and Courtney Bennett The first release is a cover of the magisterial Curtis Mayfield’s Give Me Some Love.

Give Me Some Love is classic Curtis but the treatment by YLD takes it into a whole new realm. The original is a slow-burner of a track, in someways the lynch-pin of his seminal, Superfly album. Seminal or not, Superfly is nevertheless soundtrack above all else and as such, Give Me Some Love is a track that though powerful, is written to fit the action onscreen – the job YLD has done to transform it into a stone cold classic is nothing less than alchemy. OK, it’s not alchemy, but it’s close.

Getting to the unearthly catchiness of the chorus in double-quick time, YLD’s version of Give Me Some Love is spearheading a reinvention of R&B. Like Us3’s Cantaloop opened up the closed world of jazz and jazz-fusion to an unsuspecting world, R&B is now presented as a style which embraces everything from Afrobeat, Reggae, Classic Soul and Symphonic Pop, a much-needed shot in the arm for a genre which has in recent times become alarmingly dreary and generic. Check out the video below and prepare to be enthralled.

Give Me Some Love chanteuse, Liz Jai

Production genius Geoff Wilkinson with young pretender, Nile Rogers

You see, you do remember Us3!

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