Attempting the Unfathomable – Jasper’s Riddle

Jasper’s Riddle might very well simply be this – how on Earth does he find the time? Beginning a career in music is often an overwhelming prospect for many – the super human behind Jasper’s Riddle, Lukas Zeickner, begs to differ, launching careers as both a singer songwriter and a classical pianist consecutively. Oh, and he’s a painter. And a novelist. And he’s mid-way through studying to become a heart surgeon (an earlier foray into brain surgery proving a step too far). Is this an appropriate time to mention he sings in three languages?

Lukas Zeickner’s plaintive acoustic tracks are constructed to be mini-stories within themselves, each with their own narrative and artwork, the album becoming a vehicle which is more like a storybook than a conventional LP. The intimacy of the recordings hark back to the Elliot Smith school – a two-way conversation rather than a communal gathering. Always teetering towards rock music, this is actually a subtle blend of acoustic work and folky soul, along with the international elements which Lukas brings to the party.

With a Schubert-inspired classical project also in the can, as well as his collection of short stories and poems, The Book of Van Dael, you can look forward to reading and hearing more about Jasper’s Riddle for some time to come




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