Australian Alt-Electro Phenomenon Slumberjack Announce New Single

DJ duo Slumberjack have emerged as one of the to-watch acts coming out of Australia in recent years, taking their skills from traditional club settings to huge festival shows. Hailing from Perth, Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers’ brand of electro-dance beats and ethereal atmospherics set them apart from traditional EDM and this has in turn led to a partnership with Machine Age, the hard-edged rock foil to their technological superhighway of sound.

The result is a dune buggy ride which quickly turns into a juggernaut careering down a cliff, an ever-building cacophony of tones and textures which straddles the worlds of Imagine Dragons and Nine Inch Nails. A dizzying introduction to both artists, Daggers has already hit over 50,000 streams on Spotify and has appeared on Apple’s “Best of the Week”

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