Berislav Releases Oscar-Worthy Video to “I Gave My Life”

Berislav Sertić is a Croatian dancer, actor, model and singer, whose output is utterly unique, with no greater evidence of this than his incredible video to his track I Gave My Life. Before even trying to explain it, have a look at the mind-boggling video:

Where DO you buy hoods like that? Berislav can probably tell you, given that as well as a trained actor (in Los Angeles no less), singer and dancer, he is also art director for one of Croatia’s top fashion retailers.

Berislav’s artistic career started at a very young age as a dancer, a pursuit which saw him training in various disciplines before a stint as a model (another one for the CV!) and trying his hand at acting, which saw him feature in TV shows as well as theatrical productions such as Hair. The latter is perhaps a good indicator as to the “out-there” nature of Berislav’s current output.

Early involvement in the music scene saw him singing in his native language but even these see him producing accompanying videos which are dazzling in all respects. In 2017 things took a gigantic leap forwards with Berislav teaming up with ex-Soul II Soul keysman, James Perri (better known as Jimi Polo), who has helped produce a signature sound which is rooted in 1980’s electro-pop.

I Gave My Life is the first of Berislav’s proposed trilogy of pieces under the “Catharsis” banner, covering life, death, sex and…what more do you want?




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