Captain of the Lost Waves Ousts Birdseye, Beaky, Nemo and Blackbeard

Constrained by neither time nor space, Captain of the Lost Waves is enigmatic in the very truest sense of the word. With a distinct lack of clarity as to who he really is, where he’s actually from and the nature of what he does, he is a renaissance man who might very well have stepped straight out of The Renaissance.

Like a barker at a mystical underwater sideshow, there’s something familiar and traditional about the Captain, whilst also being utterly otherworldly and strangely out of place. It is these qualities which help to make each and every song created by the Captain an unique event in its own right. There’s wit, certainly, but the overriding feeling is one of depth of compassion for the human condition. The songs work precisely because they tell of the “everyman” in timeless settings.

Captain of the Lost Waves’ new album is their foot-on-the-ball release, comprising their 3 singles thus far as well as their forthcoming single, Uniforms, and five other new tracks. Completely life-affirming with not a bad bone in evidence from top to toe, this is a reminder that music is the most remarkable curative and inspiring force.

“The Captain was born to be an entertainer, perhaps even a prophet…watching his show is a life altering experience…”

Eileen Shapiro, The Huffington Post

“My album of the year!”

Colin Bailey, R2 Magazine

“A masterclass of imagination that never once strays into the artificial or the dismally unbalanced realm of the pretentious”.

Liverpool Sound & Vision

Winner of Outstanding Songwriting Award in Oct 2017 at The Yorkshire Gig Guide Grassroots Awards






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