SAZ Kick Genres into Touch With New EP, “Dread Full”

SAZ is Zane Morris and Kelvin Bueno, two Londoners who have taken their musical influences, stripped them of their unhelpful genre tags and repackaged them as music which is purely about communicating through their sounds. There’s no concession to trends or techniques, Roots-esque hip-hop exists comfortably alongside acoustic folk guitar and insistent indie grooves. Both are models as well as musicians, and it’s telling that their image is undeniably slick as the music they create. Unusually for an outfit who began their careers with far more emphasis on Hip-Hop, they revel in the live arena, with an ever-growing legion of expectant fans.

Dread Full, their latest EP, is written as their tribute to their fallen heroes over the past twelve months, from Mac Miller, to Chester Bennington to Lil Peep and in true SAZ style takes elements of all their music to make an entirely new sound. A satisfying taster for the full-length album, 22 Reasons to Stay, expected towards the end of November.








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