Antonio Domingos – The Fastest Pianist in the West…Officially!


Antonio Domingos is officially a World Record Breaker. His recognised feat might sound innocuous enough – hitting one key on the piano the most times in a minute – once you watch him in action, the nuclear-powered woodpecker blur of his finger becomes oddly hypnotising. #if this was the only on Antonio’s feats, it would still be impressive, though that only tells a slither of his story.

His career as a solo pianist in orchestras around Europe was curtailed when people who had taken him under their wing as their prodigy turned out to be little more than slave owners. Freeing himself from their clutches, he found opportunities for a gifted pianist who defiantly flouted the dusty, antiquated rule book were slim, if they existed at all. Running out of funds, he found himself having to play on inferior instruments and chancing his arm at piano competitions, to no avail. With his situation now make or break, he elected to do the one thing it seemed would set him apart and get noticed – he would become officially recognised as a record-breaking speed and endurance pianist.

As well as his one-key exploits, Antonio has also documented his prowess at playing some of the most technically difficult piano pieces ever written – including works by Chopin which were considered virtually unplayable at standard speed. Antonio provides proof of not only playing within a minute but also in octaves, a technique which is frowned upon being played by those not suitably skilled, it being more than possible to do serious damage to the tendons and ligaments in the hand.

Check out Antonio’s insane feats here:



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