Modiwo Bring Their Dream Pop Track “Never Give Up”

It would be reasonable to suggest that the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions Transylvania has sharp teeth and an aversion to pungent vegetables but deep in the shadows lurks something far more appealing. Dream pop supremos, Modiwo, release the video to their first track, Never Give Up, with the single itself to follow on October 3rd.

Watch the video here:

Never Give Up:

Anthemic and almost religiously uplifting, it’s exactly the inspiration you need as summer waves it’s goodbye.

As well as conquering their homeland with their music, they are currently involved with a charity called Fruit Fusion, where audiences attending their gigs will pay with fruit rather than money, the proceeds then being donated to local orphanages, in conjunction with The Bureau of Children’s’ Rights Protection. An average show can deliver up to 700kg of fruit to those most deserving.

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