Kid Kapichi Release Intoxicating Self-Titled EP

Hastings is the new Margate; the new Brighton; the new London; the new centre of your universe. The throbbing heart of the universe is fuelled by four guys who might very well be the new dark overlords of rock coming to steal your childrens’ souls.

Already with a loyal fan-base  around the UK as a result of their life-affirming live shows, including support for the non-trendier Slaves and Rat Boy, they also have the blessings of the Archdeacon of trend-spotting, Steve Lamacq, not to mention pats on the back from NME, MTV Rocks and BBC Introducing. What’s the catch? That you’ve already not been listening to them.

Their debit EP is led by Waster, a song which doesn’t so much get under your skin as flay it from your bones and hit you over the head with it. Grandstanding riffs get a bit familiar with gigantic swirling harmonies, which start building until there’s scarcely room to breathe. Elsewhere, Take it on the Chin and Boomerang have similarly a panoramic blast, the feverish clamour of each instrument and voice to be one decibel louder leading to a sound that is as furious as a football crowd in full song (but managing to hit the notes).

Watch the video to Waster here:

The video to Waster may not make it onto daytime ITV but is as fun and joyous as the song itself. With their tour kicking off in Leeds on 29th September, the day before the release of the EP, there’s no excuse not to be smashed out of your brain.

See Kid Kapichi Live Here:

29.09 Oporto, Leeds
30.09 Carlisle, Hastings (EP Launch)
05.10 The Monarch, London
07.10 The Hope and Ruin, Brighton
27.10 Albion, Hastings
30.11 Camden Assembly, London


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