The Outside Illusion release new instrumental album: ‘Silent Communication’

If you’re insightful enough to read in to the name of The Outside Illusion’s new album Silent Communication, you might understand why it’s called that. As an instrumental band, without any vocals, the Brazilian band communicate solely through the sounds of their instruments, and it’s often much more effective.

Without the superfluous lyrics to distract from the quality of the music, listeners can make what they will from the sound they are hearing and Denis Salgado’s superb guitar skills do more than make up for the lack of vocals.

You might class the music of The Outside Illusion as rock, due to the primary use of the guitar, but they blend this with a subtle, ambient electronic sound that might seem like a conflicting combination, but they actually complement each other uniquely.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just guitar music for guitarists though; due to the emotive playing style of Denis, The Outside Illusion create an accessible brand of music that is sure to appeal to anyone with a good taste in music.


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