‘Two years in the making’: The new single from Psychopathic Romantics

Usually when acts release and album, they bring out a couple of singles in the run up to and after the album comes out. However, despite releasing their album ‘Bread and Circuses’ back in 2015, Italian/American band, Psychopathic Romantics are currently hitting us with ‘The Gathering’, a single taken from that record.

Why you might ask, are they releasing a single two years later? Well, the band feel that the context of the song is more pertinent now, considering the political and social climate, than it was then. The track tackles subjects such as discrimination, inequality and social injustice. This isn’t just a ploy to rake in a little more money!

Empowering a highly unique psych-folk-rock sound, Psychopathic Romantics fall into a category of their own when it comes to defining musical genre. ‘The Gathering’ is dark and moody, conjuring images of unstability and impending doom, all driven by Psychopathic Romantics’ distinctive instrumentation. In the past, they have been known to employ mandolins, bouzoukis and harmoniums instead of your classic guitars and pianos.

If you like your music a little alternative, with bold statements lurking underneath, then Psychopathic Romantics are for you.

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