Les Kirsh Reignites Singing Career

Comebacks in the music industry don’t usually go all that well; they’re usually washed up artists who have ran out of money and want to try cash in on a bit of publicity, but the comeback of 70s soul-singer, Les Kirsh, is more than timely and deserved.

Just as Les was beginning to make a name for himself as a singer in the soul scene of the 1970s, a car crash knocked him back, ending his chances, for the time being, of becoming a hit.

Despite this set back and many years of almost forgetting about his golden days in music, Les is picking up where he left off by re-releasing three of his old tracks: ‘Say’, ‘Tell Me To My Face’ and ‘La La La’. However, it was only when his son was re-listening to Les’ old tracks that he persuaded him to finish the job he started with his soul-influenced music.

Les has had his fair share of ups and down during his life and time working in music, including run ins with dodgy producers. During the early days of his career, Les had responded to an advert in Melody Maker which led to him meeting George Young and Harry Vanda, who had a lot of success as The Easybeats (‘Monday I Have Friday On My Mind’). George was also later involved with rock band AC/DC.

The pair eventually helped Les sign his first publishing deal with Chapell music and a record deal with Phillips records. However, Les made the mistake of letting Phillips use their producer on his record rather than Young and Vanda. The Phillips producer ending up spending most of Les’ budget on his wife instead of recording time in the studio! You live and learn!

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