Track Review: Georg Roman’s ‘Forever’

From start to finish, Georg Roman’s ‘Forever’ is a tour de force of operatic and classical styles with a contemporary edge that brings this kind of music right into the modern day, without the slightest hint of incongruity.

The Russian born singer has dabbled in the world of sport in the past, but now with his focus on creating music, he is bringing something entirely new and original to the table.

Georg has a wealth of experience in performing in the operatic style, taking inspiration from the likes of Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, whilst singing at prestigious venues such as the Bolshoi Academic theatre and the Bonn Opera. Despite these influences, Georg also has a weak spot for rock and metal, which finds its way into his own music. He looks up to the likes of Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker, as well as bands like Scorpions and Nightwish. Upon listening to ‘Forever’, one really gets a sense of how Roman is trying to blend these style, subtly introducing elements of rock alongside his main operatic style.

This is all without mentioning his voice; Georg is a singer who has been gifted with extraordinary vocals that dominate his music, always taking centre stage, but rightly so. His deep and resonant baritone drives ‘Forever’, but Georg displays his versatility and range, softening his voice during the verses before unleashing its true power for the chorus.

On top of this, Georg’s vocals are accompanied by a dramatic string section that paves the way for the deep emotion expressed in the track, before an equally evocative piano lead takes over, yet still allowing Roman’s voice to drink up the spotlight.

Overall, ‘Forever’ is a powerful ballad that any classical or operatic fans will not want to miss.

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