Glenn Harrold to release follow up single ‘Fading Photograph’

You may recognise the name Glenn Harrold from the world of hypnotherapy where he has made a multi-million selling name for himself, providing self-help books and apps all over the world.

However, what you might not know is that Glenn is also a talented and passionate songwriter, who has just begun to professionally release his music. This started with the recent release of ‘The Wayfarer’, a delicate folk tune inspired by the story of the Peace Pilgrim, and now Harrold is back with his second effort, ‘Fading Photograph’. The new track takes the form of a love song, one that addresses the past and fond memories of the emotions of lost love.

Alongside Glenn’s careful and considered songwriting are the vocal talents of Dean Rhymes, who he also worked with on ‘The Wayfarer’. Dean’s smooth and clean voice truly carries the emotional nature of this track and puts across perfectly what Glenn is trying to convey in his music.

Having already built a platform for himself in the hypnotherapy/ self-help world, Glenn has a wealth of topics and ideas to form his songs around, often including themes as diverse and complex as consciousness, spirituality and even veganism.

Pre-order ‘Fading Photograph’ on Itunes now:

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