Chey returns with ‘She’s Got You’

In the wake of her storming debut release, ‘Dirty Love’, Welsh singer-songwriter Chey has returned with the equally powerful pop-ballad, ‘She’s Got You’.

Although the new single continues in the same vein as ‘Dirty love’, Chey is beginning to prove that she can consistently produce high-quality tunes within her small niche of he pop music industry.

‘She’s Got You’ tackles the difficult issue of infidelity, on the male part, and lost love for the woman. Speaking on the track, Chey says: “ ‘She’s Got You’ deals with the feelings of loss and rejection, losing someone can be a poignant moment in your life – it can also be the moment where you find your strength.”

Once again, Chey’s spectacular vocals, with a unique timbre of their own, combine with disquieting electronica to form a track that provides an absorbing and engaging listen. When this musical amalgamation is placed alongside a beautifully crafted video, filmed inside an abandoned cotton mill in Manchester, a truly evocative listening experience is created; the visuals perfectly complementing the vibe of ‘She’s Got You’.

‘She’s Got You’ is set for official release on 21st April.

Not only this, but Chey has also worked on a remixed version of the track that you can wrap your ears round here:



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