Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin tackle breast cancer awareness with new EP

Renowned afrobeat artist, Stunnah Gee, a former BEFFTA winner in 2016, has teamed up with Nigeria’s king of R&B, Kymo Kingin to make their collaboration EP which aims to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Stunnah Gee has unfortunately had a lot of run-ins with cancer in his life, with his Aunt having over 5 breast cancer scares and his Uncle passing away from pancreatic cancer. Consequently, the Nipples EP looks to raise awareness through the transient medium of music, particularly on the track ‘I Need An Answer’.

With joint influences such as Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Usher and Bryson Tiller, the pair of talented musicians are without a doubt on the same page when it comes to creating music.

‘I Need An Answer’ takes on a definitive R&B sound, with a beautifully written piano accompaniment and pop-influenced vocals. The comparison in Stunnah Gee’s vocals to Usher is certainly an accurate one. Combining a contemporary and emotive sound with a strong cause, should deservedly see the duo making waves in the music industry.

As well as winning a BEFFTA, Stunnah Gee has also been nominated for a MOBO and Kymo Kingin was nominate for the prestigious O Channel awards in Africa, where he performed to a sell-out crowd.

The EP is out now and you can buy it on Itunes:


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