Lisa Richards pays homage to ‘Frank Sinatra’

Australian singer-songwriter, Lisa Richards, has payed homage to jazz and swing legend, Frank Sinatra, as well as the existence of memory in her new single of the same name.

Taken from her upcoming album, A Light From The Other Side, ‘Frank Sinatra’ is a delicately wistful tune led by Lisa’s one-of-a-kind vocals and an acoustic guitar that bops along, seemingly carefree.

The moment you hear Lisa’s voice, I can guarantee that you’ll be hooked, even just for a moment as you try to compare her to someone else. But you can’t – this is the level of originality in her sound – there’s a sweet and endearing timbre to her voice that you simply can’t attribute to anyone else. However, for frame of reference, lovers of Katie Melua or Norah Jones would certainly find something that they like within Lisa’s music.

Whilst it may seem like Lisa’s song is simply about the memory of listening to ‘Frank Sinatra on the radio‘ and ‘dancing in the kitchen‘, there’s a murky depth to her lyrics that suggests that there is much more beneath the surface. Lisa struggled from a young age with family issues, as well as substance abuse, eventually moving away from her home in North Queensland to pursue a career in music. Consequently, Lisa has a fountain of inspiration to draw from when writing her introspective, yet equally reflective songs.

‘Frank Sinatra’ is accompanied by a uniquely animated music video, following the friendship of a badger and a bird in their woodland home. You can’t make this stuff up!

Watch the video here:



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