‘Waiting For The Red Light’ by Apachelux

Alternative duo, Apachelux return to the scene with dance anthem, ‘Waiting For The Red Light’.

They began making a name for themselves back in 2015, a year into the pair’s formation, when their track ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ was featured in The Times’ Essential Tracks list of that year.

Stemming from the creative hub that is currently Southend-on-Sea, Louisa Strachan and Jay Wigmore formed the group, after meeting at Village Green in 2014.

Their debut single, ‘This Time’, a hazy number with stripped-back beats and haunting vocals, received airplay across thirty different radio stations.

Whilst their second release, ‘Only When You’re Lonely’, was more rooted in Louisa’s delicate vocals and lyrical storytelling, this latest release has seen the sound evolve into something bigger; now Strachan’s vocals are layered amidst strong synth beats and electronic sound that collectively bring a feel of the nineties club scene for the new age.

With pulsating beats and cyclic melodies, ‘Waiting For The Red Light’ is set to be a classic for the club scene.


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Grace Mitchell

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