Homesick Mick: Musician and Activist Extraordinaire

There have been musicians-come-social-activists before such as Bono, Sting, Billy Bragg and John Lennon, but none quite like the mysterious Homesick Mick, who in conjunction with the release of his debut EP, started a campaign for justice against Sir Philip Green.

No doubt you will have seen the name in the news as Sir Philip Green has been accused of extorting the former employees of BHS by leaving them without their well deserved pensions. It all started when he sold the company for just £1 in 2015 and then by finding loopholes in the system, made off with huge sums of money, retreating to the tax haven of Monaco.

Mick began a social media campaign, along with a petition, to make Green to pay back the pensions that he owes. The campaign built towards Mick’s #PhilipFreeFriday on 25th November when he protested outside Oxford Street’s Topshop, trying to urge people not to shop at  Green’s stores on Black Friday.

November 25th and the protest cleverly coincided with the release of Homesick Mick’s EP, Black Hole Friday, which features four songs that show off Mick’s eclectic sound which blends elements of jazz, folk, pop and rock. These fours songs are a precursor to Mick’s album, The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, that will follow in January of the new year.

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