Lenny Bunn’s Cover of ‘Blueberry Hill’

Lenny Bunn, otherwise simply known as ‘Lenny’ has been writing and recording music for himself and others for many years now and his latest release comes in the form a cover of the classic ‘Blueberry Hill’.

Originally written in the 40s and recorded by many famous artists such as Fats Domino, Elvis Presley and even Led Zeppelin, Lenny has recorded his own jazz infused version as a tribute to his adopted father, Lyddon Thompson, who unfortunately passed away recently.

Lenny has even crafted an interesting video to go along with the release that shows himself and his band recording their individual sections from different studios and locations.

Featuring the wonderful vocals of Melissa James and the piano talents of Ibo from the reggae band, Third World, Lenny’s version of this classic should not be dismissed as ‘just another cover’ – he has added to the canon of this legendary track and put his own stamp on it at the same time.

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