Bayonesse: ‘Angel Touching Down’

Bayonesse is the musical vehicle of underwater artist, Christy Lee Rogers, and fellow artist and musician, Ryan Murphy. Ryan, who is also the frontman of the band Forty Point, originally came to help direct Christy’s musical vision but ended up forming the other half of the project.

Together, the duo make atmospheric alt-rock, defined by haunting vocals and emotive guitar solos, as is demonstrated on ‘Angel Touching Down’.

In search of a new perspective on an ever changing world, the pair have shifted their passions to the medium of music – harnessing the most “powerful and intense” art form in which to express their thoughts and emotions.

The band take inspiration from a number of acts to form their beautiful and individual sound. Bands such as Muse, Bjork and Massive Attack all play a role in influencing the music of Bayonesse.

Their debut alternative rock single ‘Angel Touching Down’ from their upcoming album ‘Bleeding Heart’ will be released November 25th, accompanied by a dark and avante-garde underwater music video filmed and directed by Rogers.


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