John Fishell’s ‘We’ve Got a Live One’ Breathes New Life Into Mainstream Rock

John Fishell, a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer, engineer, and educator from Alexandria, Virginia, has released his latest offering ‘We’ve Got a Live One’. 

This 45-minute album, which was performed live at the Wreckingroom Studio in Lyons, Colorado and broadcasted in June 2022 via the streaming platform, showcases Fishell’s unique mix of original music and covers. 

The album is a melange of influences from Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin and even the Beatles, The Who, 70s, 80s and 90s rock. Fishell’s sound is amplified by the dynamic rhythm section of Brian McRae (drums) and Mario Pagliarulo (bass). Highlights include a “dance” version of AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells, smooth Rush-like time signature shifts in Here’s Looking at You, and a Gary Glitter “stadium shout” gem in God Save the Queen, as well as the radio-friendly Pushing and Pulling.

“On that night, the band guys were killing it as usual, my guitar playing and singing worked out, and I thought my overall emotion translated pretty well into the recording, so BOOM – that’s an album right there!” – John Fishell

The album ‘We’ve Got a Live One’ is an album that proves that classic rock remains alive and well. John Fishell’s creative and passionate performance is sure to be remembered for years to come – a must have for any fan of rock music! So add this album to your playlist today and experience the power of Fishell’s music.

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