Introducing Emika Love: Rising Star in Music Industry

There is a new artist on the music scene, and we have to say, she definitely stands out! Emika Love has recently released her latest single, “Bad Day Not Life,” produced by Max Bitov (trapninjaboy). 

With a sound fusing elements of pop, afro, R&B, indie, and Latin vibes, Emika’s latest release is a feel-good and groovy track that promises to lift your spirits and push you through the bad days. 

Emika’s creative process begins with visuals then she writes lyrics to accompany the story. She incorporates her personal struggle with depression and she hopes that her music can comfort others who are struggling. This young star has released four songs so far and has performed five times. 

Emika is passionate about creating music that serves as a source of comfort and hope for people who are grappling with trauma, PTSD, and more. Her goal is to make people feel as if everything will be okay. Be sure to check out Emika Love’s “Bad Day Not Life” and follow her on her journey to stardom. With her positive outlook, creative sound, and inspiring music, we have no doubt that she’ll be a rising sensation in no time.

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