NEWS: Feel-Good Music from Julie Anne Grace with ‘Dance to Each Other’s Beat’

In need of some feel-good music to help you bring in the New Year? You’re in luck! Wales’ own Julie-Anne Grace is here with a new single ‘Dance to Each Other’s Beat’, as she prepares for her upcoming album, ‘She Sings, She Soars’. The single is a feel-good track that gives you the urge to forget your differences and dance, helping to make the world a better place by injecting feelings of kindness, love and forgiveness.

Having had to embark on her very own healing journey after experiencing childhood and spousal abuse, Julie-Anne is ready to help others on their own healing journey, and music such as ‘Dance to Each Other’s Beat’ does just that in the most excellent way.

With a release expected in early 2023, make sure that you don’t miss this! Giving the world joy and kindness, expressing forgiveness at a time of difference is a message we all need to remember. Don’t miss out on this, and make sure that you get to know all about Julie-Anne Grace!

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