‘Mykonos’: The Latest Single from Crabb as He Gears Up for Album, ‘English American’.

If you’re a fan of acoustic music that has some of the best vocals around, then you’re going to love this! ‘Mykonos’, the latest single by Crabb which is out 25th January, giving fans a taste of what’s to come with the album release of ‘English American’, which was the final project of the late great producer, Steve Brown, who has collaborated with a number of music legends in Freddie Mercury and Elton John. Following the passing of Steve Brown, the legendary Steve Lilywhite CBE came onto the project. With a host of big names and an album on the way, you cannot miss out on this.

Serving as a love letter to his wife, Crabb delivers a track that is wrapped in immense vocals and guitar work that provides the perfect platform for a message that is an intimate as it is great. A meaningful song about falling in love, the lyrics and vocals are complemented brilliantly by the acoustic sound, with a stripped back feel that helps the song feel raw and emotionally heightened.

With the music being released alongside a video, it gives Crabb’s musical a great visual performance with contemporary dancer, Tess Howell. The video takes place at London’s Langdon Centre, which is owned by the Downs Syndrome Association, with the venue being chosen in support of Mykonos engineer whose daughter, who is a performer in her own right, was born with downs syndrome.

With the track coming 25th January, it won’t be long until you can indulge in this acoustic hit, serving as the perfect warm up for Crabb’s upcoming album, ‘English American’, an album that’s been 20 years in the making. Having originally concepted the album with Steve Brown in the 90s, the pair became close friends while working at Sony EMI together. Over the following two decades, they recorded music that would later become the foundations of the album. The production on the album is some of the best around, with influences from Brit-pop and folk that will be sure to keep you hooked! Do not miss out on this!

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