Welcome in The Festive Feeling with ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ by Michael Tinholme This Christmas

Bring a family feeling into your home this Christmas with Michael Tinholme and his Band of Legends, who have come together with the immense Mike Garson to bring us ‘Lullaby for our Daughters’. A song that fills the air with a loving feel, that reminds us of our family and the importance of spending time together. This Christmas, why not add this among all the classics in your playlist to get into the festive spirit this year!

Written with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in mind, the song starts with a masterful introduction from Mike Garson’s piano, who plays a masterful introduction that sets the scene perfectly for Michael Tinholme. Coming in with crisp vocals that sings a father’s perspective of putting his daughter to bed, it’s a wonderful theme that is executed perfectly by true masters of their craft. Michael Tinholme and his Band of Legends have done it again, as they always do – another fantastic performance, another great song, and another perfectly selected guest performance in Mike Garson.

An overall fantastic song that is as touching as it is great, it creates an atmosphere that is calm and family orientated which can be appreciated any time, especially at Christmas. Make sure you add this to the Christmas playlist this year, ensuring that your time with your family is one that is full of positive messages and feelings that make you feel closer together. Having been released in March earlier this year, it’s available to listen to right now.

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