Start Your Festive Season with ‘Christmas with You’ by Maria Meyers & Dave McCabe

Christmas is coming! With the festive season finally here, it’s time to start getting those Christmas playlists together! Among all the classics, we have just the new suggestion for you. ‘Christmas with You’ by German singer-songwriter, Maria Meyers, and Birmingham-based producer, Dave McCabe is the latest addition to our playlist that is sure to get you and your family into the spirit this Christmas. Having been released on December 2nd, it’s ready for you all to enjoy!

Meyers and McCabe are not first time collaborators, having previously worked together on Meyers’ charity single for Way Home, a Ukrainian charity that focuses on helping those living amongst the current conflict. However, they have now come together to write ‘Christmas with You’, a soon to be Christmas classic that takes inspiration from Wham and Pogues, as well as Motown, it’s one of the most exciting Christmas for years – don’t miss this!

Starting off with familiar Christmas traditions read by Dave McCabe, the song starts in an almost nostalgic way as we reminisce over all of the things that make this time of year special. Setting the scene perfectly for Meyers and McCabe to deliver a duet that fits so well, while also allowing each other to perform individually. Meyers stands out in particular, with vocal performance that will make us press replay again and again.

An overall great song, it fits the idea of Christmas music perfectly, making it the ideal addition to any Christmas playlist. Great music, brilliant lyrics and a duet that just works, ‘Christmas with You’ is a classic in the making that deserves to be put alongside some of the best. Brilliant from start to finish, it’s a song you need this year, and with a release date of December 2nd, it’s there waiting for you to enjoy.

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