Kickstart Your Christmas with Nancy Hays & The Heffernans!

If you love the sound of line dancing country music, then you’re going to love this Christmas release from Nancy Hays and family! Joined by daughters Mary and Caroline, as well as fiddle playing son, Matthew, they collaborate to bring us some festive classics that will fit right into any home. Now that the time has come to start compiling the Christmas playlist for the family to enjoy, why not add this among all of your familiar favourites!

The family’s first release, ‘Light in the Winter’ is a great message of love, community and faith, with music that meets the optimistic feeling with an upbeat rhythm that pulls you in. Arranged as a four part harmony by composer Michael Mahler, the result is a brilliant vocal sound that matches with the music perfectly. Released alongside a video that shows Nancy and the rest of the Heffernan family celebrating Christmas over the years, audibly and visually creating a family feeling for the holidays. Getting plays on radio in the US with stations in Nashville and Opryland showing interest, it’s a proven country Christmas classic.

The next release, ‘Mr. Santa’, is a brilliant reworking of ‘Mr. Sandman’ by The Chordettes, creating a fantastic family Christmas song out of an old American favourite. With a video to match, it’s another feel good video that was directed, shot and edited by Edward, Nancy’s other son. Showing the family having a good time together, it’s a video that has caught attention of Nashville’s The Heartland Network and morning news channels across the country. A hit in the line-dancing community thanks to Nancy’s performance in Las Vegas at The Dance Explosion in front of a crowd of 2,000, it’s sure to be a favourite this year!

The third release, ‘Two Step Round the Christmas Tree’, has also been released with a video that shows dancers from all over the world line-dancing along. Choreographed by Jo Thompson Szymanski and Norm Gifford, it’s been copied by dancers in Australia, UK, US and Japan, making this a Christmas song for the global community, country style.

Sure to be enjoyed all across the world, Nancy Hays and the Heffernan’s latest release of ‘Christmas Time’s a Comin’ caps off a series of line-dancing country style Christmas music that needs to be heard. Featuring family harmonies and fantastic fiddle playing, this fourth and final release is yet another Nancy Hays and family Christmas song that needs to be played in your home. Not stopping there, Hays has also released her own Christmas track, with ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ being available on all streaming platforms for you to dive right into.

With all the music available online, follow the links below to get into the festive spirit country style!

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