Half of My Life, the Debut Album from Former Surgeon, Tim Camrose

Tim Camrose has decided to pick up the guitar once more! Having pursued a career in medicine for over 40 years, singer-songwriter Tim Camrose is here with is debut album, ‘Half of My Life’. Having been released in May earlier this year, it’s an album that is thick with perspectives and experiences that have been penned into lyrics with mastery and sung with talent that is clear from the first second. Out now, it’s ready for you to get stuck into!

Kicking ‘Half of My Life’ off is the lead single, ‘This is Chicago’, where Camrose sings about his time in Chicago from his younger years as a trainee surgeon. A whole new experience, the single is a great story about being somewhere new, meeting new people. A great musical and vocal performance, it gets your attention almost immediately, keeping you waiting for what’s next. What did come next, was another example of the talent that Camrose possesses with ‘Didn’t Say’, written about his late parents. ‘Didn’t Say’ is a much more personal track, where again the lyrical storytelling takes centre stage, which Camrose seems to be able to put out with relative ease. Both opening tracks indicate an album that is going to be varied, high in quality and full of lyrics that intrigue us.

A start as strong as this can be difficult to keep up with, and it got us thinking whether the rest of the album would be able to match the standards of the start. After listening to ‘A Storm Coming’, ‘Won’t Matter to Me’ and ‘Take You to a Place’, it’s clear to see that it matches the standard with absolute ease, proving that his songwriting ability is no fluke but a real expression of his life and experiences. Clearly showing a proficiency for other styles, Tim Camrose is far from a basic singer-songwriter, but a real musician who has the command over music just like a seasoned music veteran.

An impressive start, and an unbelievable consistency throughout, ‘Half of My Life’ is an album that contains a level of quality that you don’t often see, even from some of the biggest singer-songwriters around. Having written from perspective, experience and emotions, Camrose proves that he is a versatile songwriter while showing that he is a generally great musician. ‘Half of My Life’ was released in May earlier this year, meaning that this is ready for you to start listening to right away – make sure you don’t miss out!

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