Fundraising Christmas Single from AM Band, ‘Freedom in the Air’

Coming out on December 9th, The AM Band are here with ‘Freedom in the Air’, a single that doubles as a fundraiser for The British Red Cross Africa Famine Appeal and The Rocha International Rainforest Charity. With giving being on our minds at Christmas, this is the perfect song to add to your festive playlist to support ‘Freedom in the Air’, ensuring that these charities get the support they need!

Written with the global community in mind, it’s a song that has you hooked almost immediately with a piano and the vocals of Andrew Mitchell, who creates a wonderful atmosphere with his vocal performance, allowing his lyrics to hang in the air perfectly while the piano and drums underline it all. The contrasting vocals in the choir and female vocalist only add to how great this song feels – it’s got a real feel good vibe that speaks on a feeling that all people want to share – freedom. If the music got your attention, the lyrics will hold it and the message of the song will ensure that you press play again and again.

An overall fantastic song that is most definitely memorable, it comes at a time of year where being thankful and considering others is everything, and our freedoms are apart of all of that. ‘Freedom in the Air’ is a great song that you need to hear, using its positivity and uplifting feeling to put itself high on the list of new music that needs to be apart of your Christmas and New Year! Coming December 9th, make sure you don’t miss this!



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