NEWS: New Single from Roy Sunak, ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’

If you want some music that is going to speak to your spiritual side with an abundance of jazz and world music influence, with musicians from South Korea, Israel, Germany and USA al taking part, then you’re going to love Roy Sunak’s latest single, ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’!

The single comes on December 1st, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to come with the release of Sunak’s album, ‘Tear in the River’. The song was born from Roy Sunak caring for a bird, who he would perform the lullaby for, which created a bond that was hard to let go of when the bird was released back into the wild, and more poignantly, Sunak’s father passed away, giving ‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’ a personal meaning to Sunak as he learned to let go of a person and or being, knowing it was for the best. A song filled with feelings of compassion, it’s absolutely a song you need to hear.

‘Berceause pour le Petit Jean Pierre’ comes on December 1st, giving fans plenty of time to enjoy Roy Sunak before the release of his album in February next year – make sure you don’t miss this!

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