Sonic Singles: Nasty Nesto and The Sadbois – ‘Best Friend’

Most bands feel as if they’re part of a community to some degree or another, but few are able to say they’re truly helping to shape it. It’s certainly one thing that Glasgow four-piece Nasty Nesto and The Sadbois can claim however.

Having spent quite a bit of their short time as a group organising events and networking within the established Glasgow music scene and having recently, co-organised their single release alongside Feet4Eyes at the Pollokshields Bowling Green Community Space for an intimate, RSVP-only, socially-distanced crowd, it’s obvious they care about the city they formed in.

In return, Glasgow has been good to them too.  In 2020, when it became harder to perform and to provide mutual support , Kit Smith and Ernesto Fernandez, alongside Will Downe (Shot By Will), decided to set up an organisation to give something back to local musicians: The Next Stage. They spent the pandemic setting up workshops, live performances and interviews with both up-and-coming and established Glasgow artists such as Emme Woods, Kitti, Nimbus Sextet, Flew The Arrow and Moonsoup.

With that in mind, it should come as little surprise that their latest single ‘Best Friends’ is as raucous as it is heartfelt. Four minutes of woozy and anarchic alt-rock, it was described by the band as being about “dealing with abandonment and grief, something we all have to deal with at some point in life. Luckily we always have a best friend near to get us through the struggles of life.”

Nasty Nesto and The Sadbois are a rare ray of light to uncover in life, let alone within the music industry. Truly devoted, compassionate and in it for the love of their craft and of those around them, rock music no longer needs to pretend it cares but band’s like Nasty Nesto prove it can and does.

Though harbouring something of a serious narrative, its delivery is anything but. A stripped-back and stoned ode to those who’re always there for us, it’s the summer anthem you didn’t know you needed. And you should absolutely be here for it.

‘Best Friend’ will be released with a launch party at Edinburgh’s Paradise Palms on May 24th. Details can be found here.

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