Roadkeeper take Shoegaze to New Levels of Trancendental Trippiness

Roadkeeper’s new single, Enemy Mine might be the shot in the arm shoegaze has needed for the last…ooh, 30 years. With elements of the hooks and electro-guitar hybrid attack of Dave Fridmann productions, this keeps the hypnotic allure of the genre but gives it a more engaging, personal touch, leading to a track which is both toweringly majestic and urgent. Comprising John Hetherington, Daniel Griffith, Trevor Tull and Nicklaus Cogdill, despite their dream-rock approach, their lyrics are of a socially-conscious bent unusually – I hasten to add, this doesn’t come across as all preachy, merely another factor which helps them to stand out from the crowd. Well worth keeping an eye on.

The lyrics to Enemy Mine were written about the far right radicalization of vulnerable young people in the US by white nationalist professional pundits who are fed viewers and readers by algorithms on social media and YouTube. There is an organized effort to convert impressionable young people into radical white supremacists and encourage them to undertake radical action against marginalized people and progressive political movements. Enemy Mine is about the dissonance between the perceived realities of radical white supremacists and that of everyone else”.

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