Ga Ga for Dada – New Avant-Pop for the Discerning Ear

Pop is many things – when it’s really good, it might not even be popular – ask Talking Heads or Devo – the road to fame and fortune is a bumpy one but not without giving opportunities to even the most unlikely of propositions. Dada Pop are our new musical ear friends. Juddering yet slick, it’s like someone has taken Future Islands and made them good. Their new single is ‘The Night Away’ blending glistening synths and funk-filled vocals for a song with a message aimed at a generation that are caught in a consumerist loop. 

Dada Pop was founded by highly trained musicians Noah Gold and Urban Ghost, who collaborate on songwriting and equally contribute to tracks with their distinctive vocals. Noah’s affinity for all musical styles lay the foundations for Dada Pop’s genre-bending characteristics, while classically trained jazz musician Urban Ghost puts a final unique touch to their sound with saxophone soundscapes that know no bounds! Urban Ghost can also be found performing on keys and synths on the new release. 

Dada Pop explain the meaning behind the new track:

“It is a song about aiming for truth and revelation and yet being pulled back to earth by reality, and details how people will drown themselves in distraction to avoid facing the struggle of their everyday lives.”

With a broad range of pop, hip-hop, electronic and jazz at its core, the music is perfect for the pandemic age, speaking to the soul of a disenfranchised generation that will redefine nearly everything. Strongly believing that music has the ability to positively alter perception, the high energy duo never fail to deliver with their fresh and uplifting sound. 

Like the avant-garde art movement of dada-ism, Dada Pop fuses multiple stylistic forms spanning visual, literary, and sound media into its own unique expression.

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