Multi-Instrumentalist Jon Scott Provides the Soundtrack to the News

Maybe not exactly but it’s becoming more and more unnerving how a track Jon originally wrote about the building of Trump’s Wall has since found itself both as an anthem for those involved in the BLM movement and now for the silenced voices in Jon’s homeland of Nigeria (and let’s not even mention the US election, right?)

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, but moving to London as a child, Jon Scott’s music has never been easily definable – there are strong elements of soul and blues but also the rhythms of Africa loom large and figureheads such as Fela Kuti are never far away in terms of comparisons.

Taken from his forthcoming EP, Freedom – A New Jerusalem has a timeless quality – truly, it could lyrically and sonically come from any time from the 1960s through to yesterday afternoon. With an undulating beat beat and tide-like groove it is endearingly upbeat, even though it fundamentally speaks to the listener about the need to truly start again. The tonality of Jon’s voice is impossible not to fall in love with – there’s a jollity and a friendliness to it that makes you want it to sit in the corner of your room and be its best friend. Go on, you know you want to.

Jon Scott’s EP is out now

  1. Freedom – A New Jerusalem
  2. A Beautiful Country
  3. Water is Wet
  4. Ms Suzi Walker 2020




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