Airport Woes Lead to Airwave Triumph!

Laura Mitchell’s new single, Killing Time, might capture the very essence of classic British blues and soul but the song’s origins exist thousands of miles away in very untypical surroundings.

Stuck waiting for a plane in Australia, composer John Young finding himself humming a tune he didn’t recognise but just couldn’t shake. As the journey continued and delays mounted, the tune developed lyrics and by the time he landed in England, there was a fully-fledged song – all he needed now was someone to perform it.

Step forward Brighton-based Laura Mitchell, a seasoned singer and performer but one who had precisely the smokey, live-in quality the song needed. Alongside pianist David Bennett, the track now lives and breathes (on Spotify of all places) and is there for all the savour, a song which took many airmiles to make but was worth all the diesel. Enjoy.






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