MeMe Detroit – Rock’s Hellzapoppin’ Grand Dame Returns…Just in Time

MeMe Detroit, leader of the self-named group, has never been one for mixing her words and lo’, here comes the new single, Mean Rock n Roller, a glorious chunk of no-nonsense, throttling rawk at a time when pissing about has become the new normal.

“And I tried so fucking hard to toe the line

But then it felt so very empty all the time

‘Cos I’m a mean Rock N Roller, A Mean Rock N Roller in a band”

Have such simple, straight-forward words ever resonated so loudly? At a time when musicians are being asked to retrain (and, indeed, we’re losing the likes of Eddie Van Halen) a rallying call to arms to fuck the system up (what system, I know, I know) and a a reminder how rock music has held us together at our very lowest points in recent history. Well, it has around my house.

Mean Rock n Roller is out on 30th October…if we’re all still here.








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