Post-Punk Duo Dey-Yey Release New Single – I Am Result

Deh-Yey has Returned with a furious new track “I AM RESULT”.
It brings out a more serious side to the 2 piece’s armor since poking fun at Jesus returning to life and ending up on Jeremy Kyle in the last release Danephesians 4:31.

I AM RESULT focuses on a journey through numerous foster homes and a lack of belonging. The neglect turns into a life of Juvenile repeat offending, the 2 minute 33-second mark Cash Burns (Singer) bellow’s out the lyrics “keep your back up! hold your knife up!” the agitation in his vocals spill into your gut as the song climaxes.

The accompanying video to the track in 8-bit graphics shows the degenerate lead character sell all his supply and climb the criminal ladder only to return home to find his house burnt down.
The track showcase’s all the fierce intensity the 2-piece band has to offer. Tackling another unique subject matter which is engraved into the bands appeal. The video created by Ryan O’Donnell adds the undertone feeling that technology is expanding and isolating many from society, leaving a path of frustrated youths in its wake

Deh-Yey has a style that sits between the tongue in cheek social commentary of DO NOTHING / HOTEL LUX and the fast-paced tempo of JOHN (TIMES TWO).

Hailing from Chester, UK a city famous for Manson, Hollyoaks & Alan Partridge being chocked by his superfan/kidnapper, it hasn’t exactly got Liverpool or Manchester’s appeal as a beacon of musical culture. However, Deh-Yey & Restless Bear Records have successfully changed the landscape of the walled City from being an acoustic guitar/open mic dominated location to start its own post-punk/garage rock scene, bands traveling from all over the UK to play in community centers & beautiful empty churches. With Locals enjoying something brand new noise-wise & drink-wise pairing post-punk with Buckfast cocktails. Sending everyone home a little deafer and more inebriated than when they arrived.

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