UK rap artist Cloudy Clouds releases debut album ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’

In his first album, ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’, UK rap artist Cloudy Clouds gives an insight into his many talents across 14 insightful tracks.

Throughout, Claudio Elliston, A.K.A Cloudy Clouds, hones in on real life issues like the war on drugs. Alongside this, he uses his unique style to inject doses of humorous self-deprecation, serious social commentary, love, dreamworlds and nights out.

The London based artist doesn’t entertain the glamour of studio production as much as other rappers like Eminem or Lupe Fiasco. He strips it back to allow the listener to focus deeply on the lyrics, making sure they can hear what he has to say.

In the song ‘Future Daughter’ the rapper takes us on a journey through the world of drugs in society. He utilises a steady beat with minimal sounds to allow the lyrics to breathe.

His incredibly unique style shines through perfectly on this track. His rap is more spoken word than it is sung, giving every lyric real meaning.

Also, this style of rap is incredibly refreshing to what some may argue is a saturated platform and genre.

By breaking the mould, Cloudy Clouds provides his audiences with a truly unique experience, giving them food for thought about the world they live in.

Picture: Cloudy Clouds Bandcamp

In another of the album’s songs, ‘One Night’, we see him express his desire to attract a girl in a club and spend the night with her.

Similar to ‘Future Daughter‘, Clouds uses a very simple beat. He contrasts the subtle tones of a harp against a heavy hip-hop beat. By implementing these antitheses, he creates a truly unique sound, with both sounds complementing one another beautifully.

Once again, we hear him use his incredibly recognisable rap style, emblematic of what I believe to be one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard to be honest.

However, this time Clouds has two other artists, Firahs and Lucci Rich, to provide a much more conventional rap style, offsetting his personal sound.

From these two tracks it looks like Cloudy Clouds could be an up and coming star in the UK Hip-Hop and rap scene.

Picture: @cloudyfollowme (Instagram)

To be sure of that, we’ll have to wait for the full release of his album. ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’ and new single ‘One Night’ can be streamed on all major platforms.

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