The Bonnie Doons from the Mystical Land of Australia!

Of course, we take it on blind faith that Australia actually exists. Have you been there? No. Do you know someone who’s been there? Possibly but are they terribly untrustworthy? Thought so. However, let’s assume, just for a moment, Australia is a real place. A magical place, virtually free of disease, still hosting live music, almost constant sunshine and strange bouncing beasts. You still think it’s real? Fair play to you. The top band from mystical happy land? That’ll be The Bonnie Doons.

Despite us finding it almost impossible not to pronounce their name in a strong Scottish accent, The Bonnie Doons are firmly based in Australia, specifically Brisbane. Like the phantom country, the band themselves are somewhat enigmatic – essentially they are only a two-piece – guitarist, producer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Kane Kennedy and lyricist and singer, Torian Brewer. They are augmented for live shows by Anthony Trimboli, Hayden Rowson and Campbell Messer. Their sound is an amalgam of some of the 90s genre greats, from RHCP to Crowded House. Not separately a lot of the time but actually within the course of a single track. The problem is, imaginary land Australia is only so big and they are desperate to let the wider world in on their secret. The first assault on virgin ears is the snappily titled, Fred.

Chilled to the point of horizontal but still with some strident funkiness and a mean bit of guitar throttling, Fred is doubtless not what you were expecting and is ten times as good because of that. Better still, it is just one new track from them coming your way, with a whole EP (yeah, ok, so just four songs) due out on 30th October. One of the songs is called Supatool, which is just the kind of track we’d expect from a band from Australia – if such a place really existed.






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