Steel Panther Cut to the Chase and Nail the Covid Business Model

We didn’t bother reporting on yesterday’s knee-jerk, alarmist, wellnobodyaskedme, news story about a third of musicians planning to give up the old game due to COVID. If that third of musicians were only in it to make money, then more fool them and good riddance. Whatever happened to art and entertainment, guys!? Anyhow, caps doffed to Steel Panther who have no shame and are all the better for it.

“Do you have a favourite Steel Panther song?”, ask the band. “How cool would it be if you could personalise the lyrics? Even take part in creating a custom version just for you or someone special? Now you can”.

The band explain that “for a limited time (until we can tour again)” they will be offering fans the opportunity to have songs customised to their specifications.

After filling out an initial questionnaire, anyone who stumps up the money will have a Zoom meeting with the band to discuss lyrics further. The band will then pen two versions of the song’s new lyrics for you to choose from, before recording the new vocals and slipping them over the top of the original track. Check out some of the options:

Imagine, if money were no object, how much fun you could have with this? Because, yeah, there is the slight matter of it costing $7500. But imagine you were a massive fan? Imagine how coveted your track would then be within the Steel Panther fan world? All in all, it’s a great plan and no-one loses. So long as you’re rich. Click the link below to get involved!

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