Liz Cass Goes it Alone with “Bad Love”

Like many before her Liz Cass has served her apprenticeship as a vocalist for top-notch acts like Camelphat and has released her standalone debut, Bad Love – it’s been worth the wait.

As I type this, it’s a little under 100 degrees outside and tolerance levels for anything, whether it be flys, television or music is at rockbottom. If it’s not slightly cooling, obvious and in some way helpful, I’m simply not having it. Somehow fitting into this microscopic loophole is Liz Cass, whose effortless singing (and it really does sound like her singing voice doesn’t actually stop when the tape recorder does) and hammock-friendly chiming pop is ideal for even the most unacceptable environment.

It’s a tiny bit indie – there’s a piercing guitar line which hits such a frequency that you can feel your earwax teetering on the brink of avalanche – and a tiny bit souly (mostly in the sense that only soul singers use their voices to the extremes of their capabilities in popular music) but ultimately, it’s the breath of fresh air the stifling conditions were on their knees begging for.






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