JJ Draper, Heir Apparent to Bon Iver, Returns

Pretty big news as far as we’re concerned is that JJ Draper is releasing new music – one new track has already dropped, with another soon to follow and a full EP to cap things off in July. We kinda hoping lockdown lasts a little longer – has there ever been a better time to catch up on music, books and films? It’s like the oft-promised ‘rainy’ day has actually materialised and then some!

Those currently acquainted with JJ will know his playing field very well – Sufjan Stevens on the left wing; Bon Iver on the right; James Mercer at right back and so on. Recent release, “Timshel”, takes an ultra purist approach – stripped back to slightly underneath the bone so that you can experience the cogs and pistons in gory detail. at little over two moments, it feels like someone’s final words escaping into a hurricane – once you realise, every syllable becomes vital.

Forthcoming single, “…if You’re Awake in the Night” (released on 5th June) has more room to stretch its legs but becomes equally startling, “What a God-awful mess they left”, JJ somberly intones, the lyrics based on finding a young local man murdered on his doorstep and the ensuing aftermath. JJ is at pains to point out that this is not a trite comment on nationwide violence but how unconnected stories can often cross with no warning, leaving an impact both unexpected and profound.

Both “Timshel” and “…if You’re Awake in the Night” are both to be featured on JJ Draper’s new EP, “The Thief and the Flight”, to be released on 3rd July…by which time you will have ensured JJ is left your worldly goods in honour of his musical gifts.

‘The Theft and The Flight’ EP


That’s What I Call Progress!

…if you’re awake in the night


The Theft and the Flight

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